LG Home Cinema Systems - opinion please...


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking for an all in one home cinema system with up to £500 to spend, and I want it to double up as my stereo so require passable CD playback sound quality in a 22x15 foot room. I have been looking on line at the LG HR902TA which seems to be cracking value with its DVD recordability and hard drive capability and USB port. However, I know nothing about LG as a home cinema brand and less about the 902 except what I've read on one or two web pages. Does anyone have an opinion - good deal or a turkey? I would appreciate your comments...

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Dave,

All the LG home cinema systems we've tested have been solid if unspectacular - for example, the predecessor to this particular model got a four-star rating, but the latest LG we tested got an average three-star review. Ensure you see the set-up in action - it may be just what you're after (take your own CDs/DVDs if possible, and don't judge performance just on animated DVDs, which flatter any system).

It's got less features, but for £500 you could pick up Sony's DAV-IS10 (tested in our current issue; in shops by end of this month) - a superb performer for the money, with golfball-size-speakers. More info here.


Thanks for your help. I saw the Sony in your latest issue and did wonder although I tend to shy away from surface mounted speakers as I don't like the idea of wires trailing up table legs etc and tend to prefer the aesthetics of the taller slimmer floor mounted speakers. However, performance is key so I will take your advice and check each out in action, and decide from there. Its also answered my q about LG as a home cinema brand and allayed my fears. Thanks again.


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