LG G3 (OLED65G3)

Mar 16, 2023
In your piece, 'How we test and review products on What Hi-Fi?, (https://www.whathifi.com/news/how-we-test-and-review-products-on-what-hi-fi), you state the following: "Everything is reviewed in our four custom-built, state-of-the-art test rooms in London, Reading and Bath. There are two listening rooms for hi-fi, one for Home Cinema and another devoted to televisions. These give us controlled and consistent environments in which to test equipment. Portable products aside, everything we test is reviewed in these rooms." If, as you say, 'portable products aside, everything we test is reviewed in these rooms', then why the photos of the TV being reviewed sat in, what appears to be, someone's front room? In fact, many of your TV reviews seem to be done in a lounge of late, not a test room. Is this the case? Are your reviews done in dedicated test rooms or not? I notice there are some journalists writing reviews for you now who also do so for other titles. (That's a whole different issue, mind!) But, do these other reviewers on loan from other titles also travel to your test facilities to complete the reviews, or do they do so from their own homes?


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