LG C1 vs LG CX: which is the best LG OLED TV?


Nov 2, 2021
In my opinion, you'd have to be mad to buy another LG . I bought a CX55 on the strength of reviews ( wont do THAT again). The user interface is the worst that I have experienced - that stupid teardrop onscreen pointer that has to be continually re-centred, continually 'clicked' to show programme details ( which are incredibly slow to update, as is the initial loading of channels), plus you can't just click to go to the selected channel, it has to be done twice, and sometimes, for some reason thrice. If you highlight upcoming programmes to see what is on next and the current prog' ends, it goes to the next one. I could go on &on, but I'm sure you get my drift.
Changing things such as subtitles is a 3 stage operation! even using voice control i.e. press voice, say "subtitles off", scroll to off click, go to X click. Very poor. On the Panasonic ( see below) just click subtitles -on - off, as simple as that.
What is all the hype on the thinness of tv's? Don't know about you, but I look at the front of the telly, find it more interesting than the side.
I had an ailing 35" telly , so I bought the LG to replace our 55" Panasonic which in turn replaced the 35"' now the Panasonic is back in its rightful place, and I am £1500 worse off, well, maybe £1000 if I'd got a 'small' TV.