LG appraisal so far.

It's only been a few days to acclimatise to the new TV.

TBH, I've read some really good reviews on LGs... and some dodgy ones. Generally the cheaper models tend to get lukewarm assessments, and I was a little cautious about buying an LG. However the ones I've seen on display in high street outlets have looked, picture-wise, pretty good.

Since January we've been looking at new TVs, on and off, and delayed purchasing for one reason or another.

Over the last few weeks I've made careful notes on the ma-in-laws £900 Sony LCD and a friend's Philips. Pretty much like hi-fi they bring their own talents to the party. Have to confess the Philips, despite having a gorgeous picture and sublime SQ, found the motion issues unacceptable. Don't watch a colossal amount of sport but when I do don't excessive amount smearing or 'ghosting'.

More recent comparisons, price (and screen size), TVs such as Panasonic and Samsung they didn't, IMO, give the all-round quality.

So what's is its strength? the detail levels are superb and clarity is equally satisfying. The tone is natural and not forced or overbearing. The motion is very good and remains stable throughout a whole scene; football, in particular, is surprisingly good, and watching nature or horticultural programmes is a revelation. The imaging is such that flowers (and animals) look more lifelike.

Bad points? there is little to fault with the picture for the price, however, the sound is rather thin. That said, there's good detail; If only it had a little more depth. There's nothing more I can add about the SQ. It's adequate. And it needs a lot of adjustments to get the colour ideal. In addition, the intelligent sensor takes a bit of getting used to.

I've not seen the more expensive LGs, but for the money (sub-£400), would be foolish to complain.

This is based on my original (and current) cables: Scart, Interconnects... Hopefully, once upgraded to PVR or similar device the picture should improve more - can't wait.


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