Leema Versus Cyrus


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Aug 10, 2019
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I used to own a Cyrus 8vs2, eventually replaced by a Naim integrated as I found the Bass a bit to lean so that the amp sounded a bit to clinical. I have seen the Leema Pulse advertised and was wondering whether to buy. Only problem - would this be just as lean in the bass department as my old Cyrus which I eventually got tired of. Comment anybody, on the leema Pulse sound ?


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Oct 30, 2008
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Hi ,I can't comment on the Cyrus 8 vs2 but i owned the 6 vs2 .I upgraded to the Leema pulse and noticed quite a diffence in detail from the Leema and sounded much more musical than the Cyrus .I think Cyrus was too clinical for my liking making instruments sound to hard edged .whether this was down to power differences which got more detail from my speakers might be a factor .As for bass that would depend on your speakers .I downsized from floorstanders to bookshelfs as i found my last speakers to bass heavy .As. other members would advise try and audition if you can .But I will be sticking with my setup for years now .I love it .
Firdtly, what speakers and source do you currently have?

Like damonster I own the Pulse MKII and it's fabulous. In addition I have heard the Cyrus 8VS2 and Naim stuff (Nait 5i and XS), and the Leema is a noticable improvement on the Nait 5i and every bit as good as the XS.

The Pulse, with the right speakers, is so musical - music sounds alive, and has a realism that most sub-£1,000 amps just can't convey. While it is very attacking, the Pulse has a organic, subtle undertone. Wonderful amp, even more so now at bargain prices.


Source - Squeezebox Touch playing Flac music files from my computer

Rega P3 24 for vinyl

Speakers - Dynaudio 2/7s