Leema Pulse III


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Oct 9, 2011
Firstly, thanks to WHF for a great mag/website and all of you for your free and helpful advice. Being relatively new to all of this hi-fi stuff my knowledge levels have increased thanks to you all - but my confusion levels seem to remain the same!

On to the amp....was initiall looking for similar to PM6004 + rDAC, but have seen the above.....

Its a 4* rated amp and has its own DAC and is in a 'competitive price-point' at approx GBP1500

If you can get it in a sale for GBP800 does this become, a) a bargain, and b) techically now a 5* product?

Also, would they go well with DM2/6 speakers?

(will be in a 4m square room and listenening to 60s-80s stuff (10CC/Stones/ etc), Reggae, some banging techno and a lot of The The.)

Thanks, and cheers


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Jan 10, 2011

You can buy for £700 or maybe less on ebay.

Not heard this model but heard the previous model which is an excellent amp and very popular choice here and 5* rated, have also seen the III get highest reviews elsewhere.

With the dac seems excellent value, but would try and hear one first.

Also have similar taste in music, maybe not the banging tehno, but listened to the previous leema with rock, roots/dub and sounded great

Can not say how would work with Dynaudio but sure someone will advise shortly.

Good luck


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Oct 24, 2009
I have a Leema MkII running some Dynaudio Excite X-12's, assuming you have a sub to boost the bass a bit the sound is fast and precise while maintaining a smooth sound, never bright but still defined, I love it. Over all solid with all types of music, I admit I have not compared with too many other systems but I would recommend it for sure.


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Jan 15, 2009
If you can get past the odd looks (particularly the cheapo LED display) then it's a fine amp. I find the DAC perfectly acceptable & better than an original Beresford Caiman. WHF seem to be somewhat confused in their thoughts on the DAC though. :?

A couple of oddities to be aware of.

The display scrolls the name & software version on startup & you can't do anything with it until it's finished. It always starts at the same low volume level regardless of where it was when put into standy.

When switching inputs, the volume falls back to the low level at startup & input switching is cycled. So you can't go directly from one source to another unless they happen to be in sequence. This makes a/b testing of sources difficult as you've first got the delay in input switching & then you have to bring the volume back up. Apparently the volume feature can be switched off in software but that requires the amp to be returned to Leema.

Others here report stellar service from Leema but I've e-mailed them on four separate occasions & only received a reply once. It seems that some manufacturers just don't get how important e-mail comms are. They're not alone in that though. :(

I still don't regret buying mine though.


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