Leaving AV receiver On Constantly


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Apr 26, 2011
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Just wanted to know people thoughts on this. I myself can tell when my receiver has been switched off for a period of time and gone cold. The sound degrades and it takes days for it to sound right again. It really annoys me so i keep my receiver on all the time. I read somewhere that doing this can really reduce the working life of the receiver but is this true?? i have also read the opposite. does anyone else either leave theirs equipment on or refuse to leave theirs on and why.

I hardly use my cd player now so i don't see the point in leaving that on and i think they warm up quicker anyway and my pc initially takes a little time to give its best sound but i can live that its good within a half hour.


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Mar 9, 2010
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Buy an ARCAM, they heat up in minutes and will heat your listening room too!

On a more serious note,speaking as a firefighter you should not leave any electrical equipment on unattended especially when you go to bed unless it has been designed to remain on.


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