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Aug 10, 2019
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Does anybody here use, or has used any equipment made by Leak? My Dad bought a "Delta" system around 1973/4 which comprised of a Delta75 reciever, Delta turntable, and model 600 speakers.He added a Akai 4000DS Mk2 open reel tape recorder a few years later.It was quite a system for the mid-70's. Over the years Iv'e had a few bits myself.My previous turntable was a 3001 transcription deck,I also had a 3400 reciever, and I currently use a pair of 2060 sandwich speakers. does anybody have the old TL valve amps that are now so rare?


I still use a Delta FM tuner that still sounds fantastic, much better sound than a few modern digital tuners I've tried. I also had a pair of 2060s but unfortunately one of the tweeters died and I couldn't get a replacement. The B&W 602s I'm using now are pretty good too, but the Leaks had much better bass and were just as good in all other respects.


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