LCD Proyector 500-800 to replace HD65


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Sep 10, 2008
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Hello, could someone please advise of a possible LCD proyector to replace HD65. I love the quality of the HD65 but I see rainbows everywhere so I am considering either moving to LCD or start watching the films wearing sunglasess 8) which is probably not a good solution :D

The only posible ones I know so far are the following but I am not totally convinced with any of them:

Panasonic PT-AX200E - Very big will probably not fit in my current ceiling mount. Users reported flickering and yellow circle in many.

Epson 705 - This is probably the safest bet but the image quality is worst than my current optoma hd65.

Epson 720 - This is great option but it is huge (48 cm wide), I do not have enough "ceiling" for this one....

Which other options are available in LCD that could be similar in price and quality to the Optoma HD65? Many thanks!