LCD and DVD for the bedroom


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Aug 10, 2019
Am I the only person who would like a decent small LCD television with integrated DVD player that I can stick on the wall and leave more space for my wife to put up pictures of the kids? I have wondered for a while why WhatHifi do not include combination TV/DVDs in their listings at the back of the magazine (or am I blind).

I am a bit nervous about going to look for one partly because I don't think I have ever heard of any of the makes that I have seen. I also prefer a bit of a steer before I go looking for TV's (I rely on my own judgement for clothes and that sometimes leads to total disasters and TV's represent a bit more of an investment).

Has anyone found anything decent?

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
They're listed in with the LCD TVs, honest! DMTech is a name that springs to mind.(And yes, I know the Buyer's Guide doesn't make it clear - we're upgrading our ancient database as we speak, to include more tech-specs (in mag and online) than you can shake a stick at)...

We haven't reviewed many LCD/DVD combos, however, as there aren't a lot out there - and we've not seen a five-star example yet, with everything we've tested so far being rather compromised (as so many combo products are).

Some interesting new ones unveiled at CES last week, however. LG showed a lovely-looking set with a side-loading DVD player - sadly I don't have UK model number or pricing yet, but will update the story when we do.