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Aug 10, 2019
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my daughter bought two toshiba laptops from comet at £900 for both for my grandaughters xmas presents
then two weeks ago the lcd screen suddenly stopped working on one of them
she took it back to comet for repair under the guarentee, only to be told to take it home
and given a number to call this she did and they sent a curior to collect the computer
to send for repair,, then they sent out a repair bill that was
£40 dearer than it is to buy a new laptop
they said the screen is broken due to the computer being dropped
my granddaughter said she only closed the screen as usual and there is no marks on
the computer to substansuate this so i refused to allow any repairs to be done
and then i went to comet with her they phoned toshiba direct and as the person from comet was speaking to toshiba
they hung the phone up on her so what are toshiba playing at, has any one else had any problems with toshiba
or any repair problems re the screen on your laptops as i am trying to sort this out with comet who have requsted they
send photo of the computer to them and us..


I had a similar problem with an Acer laptop that developed a rolling screen. I had looked after it since it was bought new 2 years ago and reported it as a fault with the cable between the screen and the main board.

However, a week after sending it in, they sent me a letter stating that the screen was "smashed". They said that I must have submitted the laptop to a drop that would damage the screen.

I complained, insisting that the casing was intact and they agreed that I'd packaged it extreemly well and that this meant that it was unlikely that the laptop would be damaged in transit. My claim was that they had damaged it after unpacking it, but they insisted that this was not possible.

After 2 to 3 weeks of phone calls and having had the complaint elevated to Acer Head Office, they decided that the laptop could have been what they call "Flat Dropped" by the courier which would leave the packaging intact, but would submit the laptop inside to enough force to damage it.

My advice would be to stand your ground and fight for the full repair. I was furious and would never buy, nor recommend Acer to anyone. From your experience, neither would I consider Toshiba now. It doesn't however surprise me that the manufacturer is trying to cop out from repairing it as the screen does make up a significant amount of the cost. Acer insist that you contribute £100 towards it and this is always excluded from the accidental damage warranties.

The other side of it is that when I send a laptop off for repair in future, I will take a series of photographs of the condition of the laptop before packaging.


I had a similar case of a dead laptop with cracked LCD. Our home insurance policy took care of it and all was sorted it out nicely and quickly. Got a new one delivered within a couple of weeks if it was not deemed worth repairing.


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Sep 9, 2008
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Sounds strange as Tosh used to have the best warranty in the business.
Here in Europe, if a Tosh broke down within warranty they would repair it free of charge AND refund your purchase price.
MoMo72 made a good point in the post above, about claiming on your house insurance if all else fails, I know several people who (quite rightly) have been compensated in this way.


I had a similar experience years ago with an HP laptop in Italy. It was couriered off for a repair to the CD drive (I think the repair facility was somewhere in Scandanavia!), came back with exactly the same issue, sent off again, and came back with a big crack along the back of the casing. Several lengthy phone calls to HP Italy customer services (who were actually located in France!) resulted in a replacement laptop, and they threw in an English copy of XP Pro (my original was XP Home in Italian).

There was no damage to the box - I suspect some technician dropped it on the floor then stuffed it back in the box to cover his backside.


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