Kimber Hero vs DNM Reson Interconnects


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Aug 20, 2008
Before I start another cable debate, I'll make it clear that I'm a firm believer in the positive (and negative) influence that analogue interconnects can make in a system. This is really just to highlight how good I've found one cable can be against one almost 3x it's price.

I've long been a fan of the DNM TBB100 interconnect which sells for about £80 for a metre with Eichmann RCA's. It's open with a tight bass and sweet treble. As the WHF review says it doesn't look much, seeming to be not much more than a couple of strands of bell wire, but it certainly performs above it's weight price wise in my opinion. I recently bought a 0.5m length of Kimber Hero + WBT RCA's which retails at well over £200. I think this is the most expensive pair of interconnects I've owned, but found it relatively dull compared to the DNM. As well as being less lively and open in the top end, treble is harsher. The Hero also has far less bass on offer than the DNM. It certainly looks more business like, but can't compete (in my opinion) with the DNM, a bit disappointing considering it's high price tag.

As you sometimes find out - more expensive does not always mean better.

I quite agree with your appraisal of the DNM. I have had a pair in my system for years now and they are still there, outlasting some trial and errors I've had with the likes of Black Rhodium, Merlin, to name a couple!


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Dec 7, 2008

I must say that these two cables are good. DNM Reson in my HI-FI chain work great and also Kimber Hero. DNM have that beautiful middle band, that sweet highs and that powerful bass but it lose some focus and soundstage depth that Kimber Hero have.

Hero it's also a great cable that could handle music easy. Sometimes it's highs are a little dry but this issue it's minor (in my humble opinion), it's a matter of taste. Hero don't "love" poor sources it's pretentious cable.



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