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Just interested to know how many forum users have had their enjoyment of a new purchase diminished because of difficulties in the process of actually buying, ordering and/or receiving it. Doesn't it sometimes feel like new hi-fi gear is harder to buy than it should be? Have you ever cancelled an order because you seem to have to chase around for answers all the time? Have descriptions on a website ever been wrong? Has payment been taken before the item is available and in stock? I'd be interested to know people's experiences...


Talking of Kill-joy service, here what I have seen is people accepting advance saying the "thing" will be delivered at your doorstep from our "warehouse" by evening. That evening comes several evenings later. From another distributor in another city because this one ran out of stock and everytime you call the answer will be "Sir, it will be delivered today evening."


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Dec 23, 2007
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My Naim purchase from Phase3 in Worthing was superb. They didn't have it all in stock so loaned me demo equipment. When the goods came to them they drove an hour to my house to deliver it and take away the demo stuff.

Equally good was the service I had from Sevenoaks in Kingston on Thames a few years back when buying HC kit...

I guess the maxim is true that you get what you pay for!!


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