Kef R100 vs Kef Q300


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Oct 26, 2013

I would like to hear opinions especially those who have heard both speakers please? From searches a lot of people think the Q300s have better bass than the R100s. Does anyone know if the R100 has good bass then? Better than the R100s doesn't really help as I don't know how good the Q300s are and also how much bass difference is never mentioned. I have been leaning towards the R100s for a Denon x series amp but I am worried the bass won't be good now. Bass aside what other benefits of each speaker? and does anyone think the price difference is worth it.

From reviews especially what hifi it sounds like the Q300s are amazing see below.

One other subject and am properly going into a whole new topic now but is it true that Denon and Kefs are a mismatch?

Thanks for any comments or feedback in advance :)


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Dec 25, 2013
I have got the R100, and they do have deep bass—more than one would expect from their size. The issue is that the bass tends to be boomy with certain tracks.

First of all, separating them from any back wall improves the sound much. I keep mine around 80 cm from the back wall, but as a minimum I would say they require 40 cm or more. If you don't have this much space for the speakers, the Q300 may serve you better.

Also, just a few days ago I "downgraded" from a Naim XS to an Arcam A19, and the bass has improved a lot—like, a lot. I haven't had time to go through lots of music yet, but so far it is still as deep as it used to be, but tight in all tracks that I have listened to.


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Jan 27, 2013
Tough decision Danny.

The Q300 has a front facing port and the R100 a rear facing one. So depending on placement on your room this might make a difference. Whether or not they will be close to a back wall the Q300 are going to give you better bass. The R100's should give you more clarity and insight.

If it were me I would save some money and choose the Q300's. For me I just feel that they have a nice easy going sound about them and will partner with modestly priced amps a bit better. Plus when it's time to rock you will appreciate the extra bass.


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Jun 28, 2009
I can plus one the placement comment on the r100's , same goes for the whole series and most other rear ported speakers.

Try them both out at the dealer and see what you think. IMHO the bass is not much different but the r100's take it on detail and soundstage, especially with the vocals.

Both will need decent stands, preferably filled, for you to get the best out of them. Nothing to carried away but nothing to cheap and fiimsy.

Never heard them with denon, just arcam and cyrus so can't help there. Your friendly shop will let you bring your amp in or set up the equivalent, possibly even a home demo; if they don't find another shop.


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Aug 18, 2009
Hi question for Frank (and anyone else with experience) please?

I've had a pair of LS50s on a home demo for the past few days and while I think they are great my wife hates the look of them and there's no compromise on that one :roll:

So I'm now looking at the R300s or R100s as an alternative - the R300s are a much bigger chap than the LS50s but seem to be regarded as a decent step up from the R100s. I have a KK DXD808 sub arriving early next week (hopefully) just wondering if the R300s would be overkill working together with this sub? They will be connected to an Anthem 510 so again wondering from the knowledgeable chaps around here whether ARC would do it's magic on the R100s and the sub to give me what I'm looking for which is a great sounding set up for both movies and music without remortgaging my house.

I was also thinking of getting an additional R100 for centre use or do you feel the 200c would be a more sensible option?

Thanks very much for any advice



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