Kef IQ5 vs 2005 style speakers for stereo


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all, I currently have a mixed bag of Kef speakers as part of a 6.1 set up. 2005.1's for front left and right, 3005 for centre and 1005's for surrounds. Sounds good with movies and ok with music in stereo. I would like to improve on the front left and right for better stereo sound when listening to CD's. (This would also allow me to use the existing L & R speakers in the conservatory).

I have seen the IQ5's on offer from RS at £199 for VIP members and am unable to test for myself. They should sound fine tonally when listening to movies, as part of an all Kef set up, but I would like to know if they would be much an improvement for stereo duties, over the 2005.1's or would it be a sideways step?

Currently using a Denon 1906 receiver, and a Sony RDR-HXD860 DVD recorder as my CD player if that info helps. I do realise a stereo Amp and a dedicated CD player would really improve stereo for music but that will have to be another day when funds allow.

Thanks in advance


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Dec 28, 2007
I would imagine the iQ5s would be much better, but I'd also look to upgrade your centre to the iQ2c or iQ6c (depending on budget) at the same time as, although they are all KEFs, the smaller style speakers will probably not match the iQ5s tonally.
Worth an audition in my opinion to see (a) if it's better and (b) if you need to upgrade the centre.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
The KEF iQ5 speakers have the potential to be head-and-shoulder above the 2005.1 satellite speakers for stereo performance - remember, these are speakers that won a Product of the Year Award at £400!

However - as you've already alluded to - you're unlikely to get the best out of them with your current amp/player. But hey, you'll have speakers that can support further upgrades.

EDIT - and I second what Prof Hat says re movie performance.


Thanks professorhat and Clare for the quick replies. I kinda hoped that would be the consensus on the IQ5's. Will definitely treat myself. Will be nice to be able to listen to music in the conservatory without having to deafen the neighbours too!

As for the centre speaker, I recently ugraded from the baby 1005 to the much bigger 3005, which was a huge improvement. ( The old 1005 centre is now my centre surround to turn what was a 5.1 system into a 6.1 system, so no waste there! ) Before I upgrade the centre for a second time, I think I'd be better off upgrading my amplification and CD source. Time to start saving again.


I agree with Claire but a work of caution.

I saw the Richer Sound ad as well and I think what they might be selling is older IQ5's not the upgraded IQ5SE. That said for £200 they are a great buy.


Yup, it's the old model.

If I were you I'd demo some of the standmounts. I found that the Mordant Short Mezzo 1s sounded a lot better than the KEFs, at stereo. Really impressed with their speakers, found the 902is to be excellent for the money (to my ears they're far better than the Tannoy F1s which get the lovin' here).


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