KEF 3005 and Onkyo 605 setup help!


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Aug 10, 2019
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System as below. I am wondering if I have the correct speaker settings setup for this system. I assume the crossover frequency for all the sats and centre should be 80hz, what should the LPF of LFE be? Also should I set the switches on the sub differently? I currently have them on the default settings for phase and bass boost. i.e. 0. Why and when should I change these if at all? I have changed the pwer setting to manual though, should I change this back to auto? Any other things I should consider after setting up with the auto option on the receiver? Incidently when I did run the auto calibration my sub level was set at -15db, that can't be right can it? I have since changed this manually. Please advise

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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With that setting, the LFE should also be rolling off at 80Hz, so that's fine, but I'd be inclined to set all the crossovers a bit higher - say 100Hz or so - to give the main speakers a slightly easier time.

Fine on the other settings. but if the amp says -15db on the sub I'd stick with it - nothing worse than an overly intrusive subwoofer.

I'd go for the auto power setting I think, but ensure the sub output from the amp is sufficient to trigger it to switch on, and not switch off during quiet passages. You may have to turn the sub's gain down a bit and re-run the auto set-up on the amp to ensure more signal is being passed from the amp's output to trigger the power switching.


Official response from KEF UK....

Dear Sir,
The crossover setting for all speakers should be 80Hz and the setting
for the LFE should also be 80HZ. This is the THX approved crossover
frequency and will allow for a smooth integration between the subwoofer
and satellite speakers.
If the satellite speakers are run full range and the volume is turned up
it may cause the units to blow.

Best Regards

Support Department



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