KEF 1005 or KEF 2005 ?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi there can somebody please advise me on this. I am just setting up my first ever 'Home Cinema' system and have already bought a Sony 1200es Receiver and have Sky HD and a PS3. I am gonna get some KEF 5.1 surround speakers need to know if its better to spend a bit extra and get the 2005 KEF speakers? I have been offered a vary good price for both models from a suplier but the 2005 model work out at £160 more. So my question is would it be worth while to strech the bank a bit and get the better model or is there not much difference between the 2?

Any advise welcome!


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Hi Andy,

The 1005's are damn fine for the money (typical price £300), but the 2005's will best them in every way - as they should at typically double the price. They usually cost around £600, but if you really can get them for just £160 more than the 1005's, i'd recommend it. As befits a slightly larger set-ip, you'll get a bigger, more muscular sound, and if you plan to listen to MP3 tracks from your PS3's hard drive (forget it for CDs - woeful) the 2005s are more musical, too.


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