Just got a Denon CEOL Noir


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Aug 10, 2019
Unboxing it now, looks lovely, much prefer it to the white version. Nicely built. Exciting!

I'd been mulling over what route to take regarding my Hifi for a few months now. I have Monopulse Model S speakers, had been using it with a MF amp. My main source is Spotify through a (hacked) Apple TV (v1) via Airplay from iPad/iPhone. The MF was only ever intended as an interim solution and I sold it a few weeks back. I had been set to get an MDAC but an all in one solution has always tempted me. Love the Qute but rather pricey and no Airplay - yet. I love minimalism.

I think in time an MDAC into active speakers could be the way to go but this Denon, for £330, with AirPlay built in is an absolute bargain I reckon. As and when I'm ready to progress from this set up I can simply move the CEOL to the bedroom with bookshelf speakers of choice as a second system. Right, now to listen. I'll report back soon! Any advice from fellow CEOL owners?


Ok, have had a chance to have a good play with this system, overall rather impressed. Nice, precise and smooth sound, nicely balanced. Soundstage quite narrow. Internet radio is great fun, works perfectly over wifi. I've loaded AirPlay but unfortunately it's stuttering all over the shop and unusable - any ideas? I use AirPlay on other devices without issue, my network is not the problem here. So, have been using Spotify by plugging my iPhone into the USB connection, works great (and charges too). Volume goes up to 60, my average listening level is 5-10. Have got it to 25 before I got scared. Anyone concerned that this system lacks any power needn't worry, drives my floorstanders fine (my speakers are 87db sensitivity). Any other CEOL owners have advice regarding my AirPlay issue?


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