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Oct 13, 2008
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Now that I've got the system I've been longing for, and the TV unit to house it all (picture will follow in the "show off" section soonish!) .... I've turned to tidying it. I've got some trailing speaker cables for the rears that I'm going to run along the top of the picture rail (out of sight), and then down behind the amp. Unfortunately, one of the rears is about 2m too short to do this neatly. The question is - am I going to suffer greatly by joining the cables for one speaker, or is it fine and dandy.

Seeing as it's the rears, it shouldn't matter, but...

Also, if I were to join cables, what's the best way to do it? Are there special joining blocks, or do I just buy an electrical cable junction box?

The system is B&W 685/686/61, Jamo e4 sub, Denon 3312 amp - thanks for your thoughts.


IMO joining/extending your rear speaker cable is not an issue. You need to get the best contact area between the conductors (copper) as possible. You could use male/female bananas but if you think about it, you have 3 joins (cable to male banana, male to female and then female to cable). A better way is to strip back some insulation, twist the conductors together then solder the joint and seal with heat shrink or tape. If you are not happy about using a soldering iron then just twist them together and tape over or use a screw terminal type connector block (sometimes know as chocolate blocks).


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Feb 22, 2011
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This one is always debated. Ideally you should not join the cables, as you can suffer signal loss and quality. But this is the case if you do it badly. Solder using silver and you will be good to go, try to take your time and do it correctly as you may have problems later on.

Yes and use insulation tape as mentioned above :)