John Duncan, Can I just pick your Brain Please?


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Oct 2, 2007
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John You gave me some advice on styli e.t.c with my Project Audio Debut 2 a while back. I just want to pick your brain if I may? I’ve decided to change the OM5 cartridge for the 510 Mk2 cartridge. Looking at the connections on the back of the OM5 you find 4 leads- Red, Green, Blue and White. These connect to 4 pins with a little corresponding coloured square marked next to each pin. if you look at the back of the 510mk2 there is also 4 coloured squares marked on the back but they are differently marked i.e. in different positions. Is it logical to connected the (say) green lead to the green marked pin, white to the white and so on. Orrrrrrr! Do the leads have to go in the same position as they were on the OM5? I ask this because I used to fit cartridges years ago on to Technics SL1200’s, You removed a headshell to fit a cartridge in those days and it didn’t necessarily go that red went to red and blue to blue etc, sometimes if you stuck to the colour codes you would find the left and right channels were the wrong way round. Your thoughts please John? Cheers, Tes.

John Duncan

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Hey - I'd match the colours - I'm surprised that two ortofons have a different layout, but their website says this:

"All Ortofon cartridges have a colour coding of the terminals, indicating red and green for right channel respectively hot and ground terminal. White and blue for left channel respectively hot and ground terminal."

The faq page on has other good advice about fitting and setup, check it out.


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