iTunes bit rate interesting fact


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Aug 10, 2019
As my iTunes music files total almost 97GB and I only have about 14GB free space left, I have been very selectively going through my iTunes library and songs I'm never likely to love I have been switching from Lossless to AAC. Still want very good quality however, so I have been using software called MAX and I have set the options to 320kbps, maximum quality with VBR selected. Didn't know this at first, but MAX then treats the 320kbps as a minimum so I have been getting AAC songs with bit rates like 368kbps or 347kbps which is fine as iTunes plays them but according to Apple, iPods/iPhones are meant to be able to only play AAC (& MP3) files between 16-320kbps in CBR or VBR so it shouldn't be able to play these files.

I have copied some of the songs across to my iPhone to see what happened and its playing them fine. I know this probably won't effect many people, but thought I would pass it on anyway just in case.


Sorry, I clearly didn't make the point very well. Its not that the software is outputting files with bit rates above 320kbps as thats been possible for a while from lots of software. Its that according to Apple, their iPods/iPhones don't support AAC/MP3 bit rates above 320kbps yet apparently they do as they are playing fine.ÿ


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