Is this a good deal? 606 + Mercury customs + sub swap + cables


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi new to these forums but a (not so) quick read suggests they are the place to go for really helpful advice so here goes.

I've recently taken the first steps towards a home cinema by buying an optoma H79 off ebay. Other than the occasional blast on a 50" plasma at my friends house I've been stuck at 20" so you can imagine the leap to 120" has been pant-creamingly fantastic!

So, with a such a hoofing screen I need equal or greater hoof from my sound. I have had Bose 301's since I was 14 (now 24) and they have never let me down but I think I need the full 5.1 to get the most out of modern games and movies.

So heres the deal

It includes an upgrade of the sub to an MJ Acoustics Reference 100 MkII which looks fairly monstrous and is around £100 more than the TS12 but thats all I really know. I'd like to know how well matched it is to the Mercury speakers and how well it would integrate. Also, as an entire package, what sort of room size would be required to accommodate it all?

As an after thought would it be worth having my 301's as front speakers to bring the system up to 7.1 or would they drown the Tannoys? Also would the fact that their tweeters point in opposite directions ****** up the soundstage?

Right, altogether too much rambling on my part so I'll stop. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Hi there, and a formal welcome to the Forums!

That would be a superb set-up as is (Onkyo and Tannoys) - i'd forget the subwoofer upgrade at this stage, as the Tannoy sub works extremely well as part of that system, and should be fine (like the rest of the package) for all but very big rooms.

If you were going to go for an upgrade on that system, i'd focus on the speaker cable - I worry a particular brand isn't mentioned, so it could be really cheap stuff that could be bettered. Check with them and ask what it'd cost to have something like Chord Carnival Silver Screen or QED Silver Anniversary XT instead.

As for your Boses - they've served you well. Let them serve someone else via eBay, or give them to a friend - they've no place in the superb new cinema set-up you're building.


Thanks Clare! Very helpful advice. I'll see what they say about reconfiguring the deal with cabling in mind.

I figured the Boses wouldn't fit as they essentially try to be 'surround sounding' by themselves. Don't think I could let them go though as I'm too attached. I think keeping them for music in a different room would be best.

I'd like to hear what they sound like with the sub too!

One last question (though it may not be the right forum). I do a lot of work with thick sections of oak and was wondering how suitable it would be as a material for speaker stands as I could make them for much less than I would have to pay for typical metal ones.They would look much better too!

A stand 60x25x25cm would weigh around 40kg if density is a factor?


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