is there a splitter?


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Aug 10, 2019
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i am a music lover aswell as a movie lover and until i can afford a decent amp that does well with music aswell as movies i am thinking of buying a stereo amp.

my main problem is i want to use my front floorstanders for stereo and then change them back to my 5.1 setup when i want to watch a movie without having to swap the speaker wires over to my home cinema amp and vice versa as this will be a real pain.

is there something like a splitter on the market where i can switch between amps as and when.also is the arcam range of amps best for both music and movies when i do get the funds(around £1500)

and also would a squeezebox improve my mp3 quality via my xbox 360 or should i forget this setup completely

and im not too sure wether to buy the monitor audio rsw12 subwoofer(as i have the silver range(rs6,rs1 & lcr) and might want to keep it all monitor audio)or the b&w pv1.both these subs have got superb ratings and im not too sure which will make my system shine.any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.


use the preouts on the home cinema receiver to send the front left and right channels to the stereo amp.