Is there a 5.1 audio 2 into 1 box on the market?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I've got a Denon DVD-2900 universal disc player, and have over the years bought several SACDs and DVD-As. My Processor has only got one 5.1 channel input, the rest is digital.

What are my options of connecting a Blu-Ray player? Is there a box that takes two 5.1 inputs and sends out one to the processor, like there is for HDMI? Or do I have to wait until BluRay players handle SACD and DVD-A before I can have hi-definition sound from both audio and video discs?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Afraid I don't know of such a device, which doesn't mean there isn't one, just that I haven't come across it to date in the UK.

There is a unit sold in the US by Zektor - see here - but it isn't cheap at $599, and I don't know of if being sold in the UK.

It also seems someone has patented a design for this - see here.

Anyone else know of one available in the UK?


Thank you for this, I have been looking for some time but without any luck. Yes not cheap but its a solution that might just work. And it deals with the HDMI as well, so that could be seen as a saving of sorts.

Now that you told me the name of the company, I googled (well actualy I used Yahoo) for pages in the UK, and found products from Zektor on this website


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