Is rock n roll and thing of the past?

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Depends what you mean by the term, I would suggest. If you'd just said rock I'd say no, but rock n roll implies something very old fashioned, to me at least.
I suppose I meant rock and I suppose I meant is there going to be a new breed of bands to take the baton from all the legendary bands, who let‘s face it are getting seriously old now.


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Nov 15, 2019
Old music does not really die. It morphs and changes with the times and yet it remains static in recordings and covers. A couple of years or so ago, I saw Tubular Bells for Two, which was a most excellent show.

You get innumerable Beatles tribute acts. You can go to one of many retro Jazz festivals. There are Jazz and Blues pubs, playing live music. You have successful artists like Jamie Cullum and Michael Buble producing new music, in the "old style".

Whether you'll ever get a new Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd or Led Zep, is debatable. Whether you want them may also be debatable. However, their music will continue to sell and influence other artists and be covered. So perhaps something with a hint of Led Zep, which itself was based on a hint of Blues?

So the answer is "not really".


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Feb 3, 2016
It is perhaps less mainstream, or specifically what makes it into the abomination that is the present UK top 40, but having used the Spotify Discovery feature for 6 or 7 years, I’d say rock, possibly a bit on the heavier side, is doing well. However I’d say the longevity of current bands is significantly less, but then Faith No More, one of my first LP purchases, have been around for about 40 years.


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Mar 23, 2021
i ´ve seen a lot of new bands who play revival rock´n´roll but either than those refered there are hundreds of new bands ,if you have spotify one can loose himself in a lot of bands that are not big sellers but heard all over the world and with great quality ,not just a remake of good old bands but others with a modern twist, today i heard a new band to me "Black Sky Giant" that they call them jazz rock but incredible good ,well played not boring , as many others


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Mar 23, 2021
what age have to do with the record being released now or more than 50 years ago ,it changes what?i think age as nothing to do with the date of release of a record,if i buy a new record being 20 or 60 years old it´s still a new record if one buys a 1971 rock LP is still old or even bought in the 90´s ,didn´t get your point of view and i know a lot of kids that are listening to led zepellin, black sabbath and the records don´t become new and they know that they are old, Rock´n´roll is a thing of all ages like classical music , it can be hundreds of years old and there are kids that listen to it and if a new record is released by a composer it´s still new music ,not assigning music styles to different age groups or generations. When young i used to listen to my father´s records and i knew they were old ,it´s written on one side of the cover, regards
Feb 26, 2022
It needs a renaissance. Most commercial rock music has been essentially brain dead for the past 20 years. Same sound, no distinction, no pushing new boundaries.



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