Is Onkyo TX-SR605 capable of Driving AE Aelite 5.1 or Kef IQ5SE 5.1 Speakers


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Oct 17, 2007
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Just moved to a fab house with a 6.5 x 5.0m living room. Convinced the mrs that we need a new surround sound set up so I can use the Pioneer all in one in the study. Thinking of Onkyo TX-SR605 as the receiver and have seen the AE Aelite speakers going for half price at Superfi but I am concerned that the Onkyo wil not be capable of driving the speakers. I have listened to other speaker systems with the receiver such as the BR2 package but part of my deal was that the speakers would have to match the furniture (Yeah I know!) so they have to be cherry or apple veneer. Will also test the Kef's at the weekend but the dealer does not do the receiver. Any advice will be much appreciated.


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