Is it worth upgrading from Mission 731s?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have recently replaced items damaged by lightning to a Cambridge 640 Azure CD player and Rotel RA 04 amp. The sound through my old Mission 731s really isn't that bad at all and I remember What Hi Fi commenting that they were the sort of speaker which did real justice to more expensive partnering equipment.

What my treasurer (Mrs G) and I would like to know is, am I going to be rewarded with a significantly more fantabulous sound if I splash out 200 knicker on Monitor Audio BR2's or £150 on some B and W 602 S3 on sale in my local hi fi shop? My room is about 8 metres square approximately.


Sorry to hear you took a lightning hit - I'm in Brisbane, Australia. We not only get a lot of electrical storms but the power is a tad unreliable compared to the UK. I'd highly recommend one of these as its kept my kit (and my nerves) solid for a couple of years now (I have one for my hifi gear and two more on our computers etc) and they guarantee kit connected to it up to quite a high value too which shows confidence in the product IMO.

I don't know how the 731s compare to the BR2's though I'm sure Andrew will be along to tell you shortly. I'm been a long term 'Mission' fan and recently bought the MA RS6's and if, like me, you liked Mission, I'm pretty sure you'll like Monitor Audio too - maybe have a listen to the RS1's if your budget allows.

Good Luck either way.


Many thanks for the info on surge protection equipment. I'll get some. The lightning knocked out our TV's and modem too!



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