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Is it worth the wait?


New member
Aug 10, 2019
So I'm falling in love with my Hifi again listening to my newly recovered 'Below the Salt' by the Steeleye Span. And I'm positive I love the speakers, the imaging is great lovely twangs on the guitar and emotion in Maddy Prior's voice is all there.

Next I love my amp, it's warm, tubey, etc. And obviously my original pressing vinyl copy of this album untouched since (judging by the newspaper it was packed in) 1980 is coming cleanly through my xpression 3.

SO: How come I never come close to this feeling when I'm listening to CDs. Even really good CD recordings like In Rainbows and Masters edition London Symphony playing...

Am I just reaping what I sowed when I "splurged" on a 500 dollar CD player? Should I have held off and bought say... the CD21, or CD5i or the Apollo?

Or is this just a case of the Compact Disc just being rubbish... I know it's not. But if anyone wants to wax nostalgic with me about cassette and reel2reel it'd be welcome.


New member
Jul 28, 2007
Ray, I know exactly what you mean! That is why I do spend quite a bit on the source to get more consistancy of "hairs on the back of my neck" moment.

and that is not to say that what I have will float your boat either! for me though it's all down to good timing and realistic treble, the combination of the two seem to make me pay more attention to music.



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