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Aug 10, 2019
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Long story short: Does anybody know how the sound quality changes between the ipod classics released in 2007 2008 and 2009?

Hey everybody,

It's been a long time since my ipod completely broke down because of too much and not careful use. With signifacant changes in my life (I'm going to medical school now! yay!) my alone time at home, where and when I can use the speaker system in the living room, is decreasing rapidly. But I NEED music so I decided to buy a new ipod. bla bla.

I don't live in europe or us or china or japan or any of the developed countries. We sometimes have issues with stuff being imported. I'm having trouble getting my hands on the ipod 160gb released in 2009 (latest version). I can easily get the 2008 version.

Wikipedia mentions improvements like the Genius Mixes software and usage of remote controller and mic through the audio jack. Well, I dont need a software to tell me which song in my library I might like to listen to next, besides it would probably do stupid things like advising me to listen to scheherazade (70s rock album) after listening to scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov's classical piece from 1800s). About the remote controller and mic, I wouldnt use them either(too)(do they mean the same thing here?). So all I'm concerned with is the sound quality. Does anybody know how that changes between the ipod classics released in 2007 2008 and 2009? Any input will be appreciated. Also it would be great if anyone who are going to visit Istanbul anytime soon could bring along a black 2009 version ipod 160 gb for me, if thats the one to get (I'll pay for it) (you cant order it from amazon but if a friend brings it to you that's legal. Why dear god whyy?). Cheers, bye.


siginificant* I know its not signifAcant, that's a typo not a spelling mistake.


Dont bother - ipods, itouches, iphones all sound crap, have no customisable eq option, lock you down to bloatware itunes and dont take flacs.

Dont be a zombie like the rest of them, think and breathe and be a free man. Get a Cowon J3.


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i hi fi said:
Long story short: Does anybody know how the sound quality changes between the ipod classics released in 2007 2008 and 2009?

Apple stopped using the wolfson dacs with the 5th gen iPod (late 2006), some believe they went downhill after this. The iPhone and iPhone 3G also had the superior dac, wheras the 3Gs and 4G are not as good. All the iPods you gave listed should sound similar.

I would say the iPods are more than good enough for out and about use, but use with an external DAC if you want to hook up to a hifi at home.


Thank you for your replies everybody, you have enlightened me. I've looked into what a wolfson dac is and the cowon J3. First of all I didn't even know what a dac is but now I do. I do realize that when talking ipods, anything after the fifth generation would not sound as good as what I'm aiming for (which also explains why I had to try so hard to get a good enough sound from my old ipod). I agree that the ipods are good for out and about use, as you said. But I need more than that since I use my portable player with a pair of expensive headphones (a few times more than the ipod itself). Also, usually, I only listen to music. I don't listen during jogging, walking, on the bus, when eating, working, reading. I just listen to music. Anyway, I decided to go with a cowon. Currently I'm divided between j3, s9, x7. I want to be able to carry all my musiic with me, which is impossible with s9, possible with extra memory cards with j3, possible effortlessly with x7. But in sound quality the order from better to worse I think is s9>j3>x7 Does anybody have any knowlede or experience to help me with the decision?
If you're after superior audio quality, check this Sony player.


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