Introducing myself


Jan 29, 2021
Hi, I have joined as I am trying to bring myself up to date with streaming.

I became interested in hifi in the 1970's and started with a basic system. After attending Linn and Naim evenings I settled on a basic Naim system and a Revolver turntable. By the 1990's I had the following:
Naim CDX2
Naim NAC102
Naim NAP180
Naim Flatcap
Naim Headline
Naim SBL's
Revolver Turntable
AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Headphones
Project DAC for TV/NAC connection
Chord speaker cable

Eventually, my living room gave way to Sonos and my hifi and I were consigned to the conservatory. Maybe, one day I might convert the garage to a listening room.

In November, my Pre Amp ceased functioning and I have been unable to play anything or get the pre amp fixed due to the pandemic. I did toy with buying another Naim amplifier, but having had Naim equipment for so long I felt like a change, and SBL speakers in a conservatory seems a bit of overkill. Also, despite the sound quality, my big niggle with Naim has been its use of Din Plugs.

So, while I wait to for the pandemic to hopefully end, I purchased:
Audiolab 6000a Play
Audiolab 6000a CDT
B&W 606 speakers and dedicated stands.
I am enjoying streaming on Tidal and am quite impressed with the Audiolab/B&W system in a 11ft x 16ft conservatory. It is more than I hoped for.

Musically, my taste is influenced by the sort of music I feel sounds good on Hifi equipment and this is probably due to the old Linn & Naim evenings.

Cover Girl CD by Shawn Colvin
We Get Requests CD by Duke Ellington (1965)
A Kind of Blue by Miles Davis
Eric Clapton Live at Budokan
Calexico at the Barbican DVD
Six Blade Knife track by Dire Straits
Telemann Baroque music
Grateful Dead
plus almost everything else.

So pretty varied!

Thanks (if you got this far!)



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