Interconnects for headphone amp


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Nov 10, 2011
I need some advice on best interconnects for a headphone amplifier (both input and signal pass through)

I have recently bought a Pathos Aurium and placed it between the analogue out of my 8200CD and passing through by tape output from the Aurium to CD input on the 8200 integrated (it could actually go into any of the analogue inputs on the amp).

I interconnect to the Aurium using a pair of QED Qunex 4S (1m)

I interconnect from the Aurium using a pair of QED Qunex 3 (about 50cm)

Oddly since I inserted the Aurium into my system, the amp sounded a bit better. The Aurium can pass through while on standby and has no pre-amp ability.

I recently swapped out the Qunex 4S in my Cyrus system (pre to power) for some Van den Hule The Wave. It was a marked improvement, opening up the sound that the Qunex seemed to be stiffling.

All recommendations and advice welcome :)


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Sep 14, 2013
Van Den Hul The Wave 2? If you like it then why break what is fixed? However, I'm a cable sceptic and anything with decent terminations would do me, but it's all relative as the amp seems a pricey bit of kit and you're happy spending £130 or so.
How about the award winning best buy Atlas Element Integra and save some money (worth a bash at least)?


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