Integrated/Power & Speakers for Digital streamers


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Aug 10, 2019
On another thread we've been discussing the different options for Hifi rippers and streamers.

I'm looking to partner one of these with an integrated/power amp combo and matching bi-ampable floorstanders.

Has anyone got a setup like this with a digital streamer? Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance



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Aug 21, 2009
As well as the suggestions that I made on your last thread (post 5) here:
I would like to add ATC....especially if you want to go the pre/power route (CA2 + P1). Their integrated amp should also have been on the list (SIA2-150); and both these sound well with their own speakers.

Dan Turner

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Jul 9, 2007
If you're considering an integrated + power amp, then also consider a better integrated amp utilising your whole amp budget, integrated + power is not always better. Likewise, If you did get an integrated amp consider using your whole cable budget on a better single run of wire instead of twin runs of a cheaper wire.

Hence when you're testing speakers on the end of all this then don't limit yourself only to bi-wirabe models. Sometimes manufacturers make them single-wirable because that is how they will perform best. Often manufacturers will only include bi-wire terminals because the market demands it, even though it is to the slight detriment of the speaker's overall sound quality (obviously that's not always the case).

I find the naim supernait integrated is a great choice for use with a streaming system, especially one where the front end is something like a Sonos or Squeezebox where the limiting factor is the internal DAC, as then SN has a built-in DAC. I use mine with Neat Momentum 3i speakers.

To my earlier point, I went from a Cambridge DAC-magic/Arcam A32/Arcam P35 amp (so an integrated + power, just like you're considering) to the Naim Supernait and the latter is vastly better at a similar price. That's not to say that will always be the case, and you may find different, but it's worth keeping your options open.


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Mar 11, 2011
Dan Turner said:
also consider a better integrated amp utilising your whole amp budget, integrated + power is not always better.


you'd be better off if you get yourself a high-end integrated rather than split the budget between middle level components. I doubt you get better performance by going bi-amping route. unless you want to make your system active but that means a lot boxes (preamp + active x-over + 2* power amp) and a lot of cable lenght on the floor (2* normal runs).

anyway, if you're only interested in a passive set-up there's a Graaf GM50 in black to be had for a mere GBP 2300. probably some ex-demo unit. just add some ProAcs or Kudoses or Sonus Fabers and you're good to go.

let me know if you're interested and I'll point you in the right direction ;)


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