integrated anp or ROTEL power amp +pre amp


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Mar 13, 2012
Hi ,

I am considering to buy integrated amp such as ROKSAN KANDY K2 or CA 8400 or ROTEL RB1562+ ROTEL RC1550 this match

is more expensive of course- is worth it ? Is it a "day and night" different in the quality of the sound if I go for the ROTEL combination ?



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Jun 14, 2011
I don't know how much one could spend on an integrated but I'd bet on it costing more than most here spend on their entire systems! Although I entirely agree that you should indeed listen yourself, I've been following a thread "in another place" where the whole point of doing so is challenged by so-called objectivists as being pointless because they maintain that because most SS amplifiers measure the same - they therefore must sound the same. The problem is that however much subjectivists disagree, proving their point is virtually impossible.

My view is that a single box versus two or more boxes depends entirely on the design with a degree of luck thrown in for good measure. For instance, I just don't know how many designs get scrapped at the listening stage by the manufacturer. One would hope that they are often dissatisfied enough to return to the drawingboard. Then again if they measure OK...


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