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Dec 29, 2012
CnoEvil said:
Things that can help:

- Keep to your sleeping hours, even at the weekend....even a 1 hour lie-in is enough to break your sleep pattern. - As daylight is the trigger for wakefulness, sleep during darkness/use blackout blinds. - Avoid brain stimulation well before bedtime...includes gaming, exercise, working late, social media, exciting films, alcohol and coffee etc. - Learn relaxation techniques. - Exercising earlier in the day is a good thing. - Eat well before going to bed.
I think a lot of that is true and will help. Actually I found other things has helped me, travel, more time on planes, sleeping in different rooms/beds often after only 1 or 2 nights, noisy locations, I got used to it, now not so many problems getting to sleep. I said before a lot is in the mind and for me it was, not being able to switch my mind off from thinking. Getting to sleep is not often a problem now but if I'm woken up after about 4-5 hours it is, had a lot of trouble in Nepal. For others I'm sure they have different problems.