In need of CD Player suggestion (Entry Level)


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Aug 10, 2019
Good evening all,

We have bought a new entry system to a friend consists of following components,

Rotel RA 1520 integrated amp

a pair of B&W 685

However finding the source component is a bit painful up to now. Max. budget is 300 Euro's. And 2nd hand is almost not an option here.

Most intriguing option was this, (and I don't know does it worth that much!)

I know Audiolab 8200 series would be perfect but money is a problem. And after buying a new system one needs to get sound of it even in a temporary basis.

People saying that just buy a cheap cd player and connect it to a DAC. Does anyone have an experience like this? Is it any good?

Thanks in advance for the advices!


Just to throw a curveball but have you thought of a streamer? The Denon DNP-720AE has some great prices currently here in the UK.

If it is definitely a CD player, then the Marantz CD5003 or NAD C515BEE are two options. What about buying via eBay, some UK or EU sellers will ship to where you are (at cost).

Hope this helps


Thank you for the suggestions!

First of all I am a huge believer of component homogenity. That is why I don't consider the Marantz player. If we had a Marantz amp it would be a good combination but it is too late now.

Also Denon streamer is, although it seems very solid and capable, out of contention. Because main source of music will be CDs and the product doesn't have a built-in cd player. And I am pretty sure that nobody wants to digitize whole CD archive. It needs huge amount of time.

It looks like we will go for good old NAD player. Always a safe choice. Or maybe by chance we stumble upon a 2nd hand Rotel player.

And if we stop being conservative, another friend suggested me the system below,

Sony CDP-S380 Blu-Ray player 100 Euro + Cambridge Audio DACMagic 300 Euro = 400 Euro's.

It is a bit over the range. But I think it is worth it. DACMagic provides a great deal of flexibility and BluRay player makes wife happy also so that can she watch some movies. And makes Spotify possible by connecting your computer.

The question is will it sound as good as the first system? I think it will, because today's 100 Euro players can easily beat the 1000 Euro CD player from 15 years ago. Technology is going fast.

Ah a 200 Euro DAC would be just great!


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