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Aug 10, 2019
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Why does high end car audio equipment cost a considrable amount of money less than high end hi- fi systems? The sound quality you can get from a professionally installed, high quality head unit, component and coaxial speakers and not forgetting a 2000w rms subwoofer.......yes 2000 watts! can sound amazing imo. Speaker cable is also another factor regarding cost. Ive seen speaker wire for home hi-fi costing rediculous amounts of money (£1000+), where the most ive seen for car audio use is about £10 per meter. (and thats the best quality on offer) Could the answer to this question be that there are more people out there focused on home hi-fi than on ICE? Are we seriously being riped off by manufacturers? I think yes. Looking forward to the debate!


Nobody is going to put a $30,000 Naim CD555 in their car and nobody is going to get the performance of Naim CD555 in their car without it. Thus, car audio manufacturers produce good sounding gear at prices people are willing to pay. Since so much of the sound depends on the room, there is really no purpose to build very high quality very expensive car audio. You can find equivalent products for the products you mentioned above in both car and home audio. What car audio calls hi fi is what home audio calls mid fi.


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