Improving sound from Lacie Lacinema Classic HD


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have recently bought a Lacinema classic HD and although I am pleasedwith the format support and storage capacity, I would like to get better sound quality from it. Any suggestions? I was thinking of maybe adding a Cambridge Audio DACmagic.


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Apr 20, 2011
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I bought a 2TB Lacie LaCinema HD two weeks ago, and the first thing that caught my ear was the music performance. I have it connected to an AV reciver Yamaha RX V750 via RCA's and my Monitor Audio B4 (predecessors of the BX5) play in a superb way, as I've never heard them before, let me say that I use to listen to my MP3 musics on my iPod directly connected to the amplifier. I can say that my music got a new life, more depth and the voices more crystalline! For example Diana Krall's music with that soft jazz touch, it seems that I have a new equipment. I do not know what is your reference, but for the money that my equipment cost, I am enormously pleased with my lacie with regard to musical performance! I've done some downloads in 1080p for example: Thor, Captain America, Harry Potter, Tron and the image is as good if not better than a blue ray disc on my LG 390 (5 stars in What Hi-Fi magazine) .
in short i love my Lacie!


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