Ideal centre speaker position - above or below TV?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm about to buy the Pioneer 428XD, B&W 685 theatre package and the Onkyo 705 receiver.

The unit that I'm placing the equipment on is a large modular type shelving unit (the front and rear, left and right speakers will be on their dedicated stands) and was wondering which position was most ideal for the centre speaker: on a shelf directly above or directly below the TV?

Does it make much difference? The front left and right speakers will be at about the same height as the TV, so should the centre ideally be just above or just below this level?



I was told it all depends
on the height of your centre speaker relative to your ear height in
your viewing position. The centre should in theory be at 'ear level'
when seated (or as close as you can get it). I suspect however that for
most people this means you should tape your centre to the middle of
your telly screen!Technically therefore, both above and below TV are potentially equally appropriate positions.

The following setup guide corroborates this and provides info on ideal placement of your other speakers:

suspect the shape, size and furniture content of your room will likely
have a bigger impact on the sound field as meeting all these ideal
placements. Given the Onkyo can manage such issues, I suspect it can
also accommodatethe slightly less than ideal placement of the speakers.