I Need New Headphones (for iPod Dock)


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi my current set of headphones have not long broken they have lasted years and I'm embrassed to say they were a cheap pair of Sony headphones bought from Amazon.

I've been looking at buying a good "entry level" set of headphones for my iPod dock/computer as this is where I do most of my listening. Could you please suggest a set of headphones in the regeion of £200 - £250.

I'm not sure if this will have any impact on your suggestions but I listen to Classical and instrumental pretty much exclusively.

Another quick question...

Do iPod docks improve the sound quality? I have a Vita Aduio R4 that I use as an iPod dock for my 160GB iPod Classic. I use lossless files and I think the music sounds a lot better through the Vita than straight from the iPod is this possible or is it just wishful thinking?

Thank you! :)


Hi there and welcome.

Your questions about docks is very subjective and one you should test yourself. Don't be embarrassed about Sony - nothing wrong if they served you well for some time and you were happy!

My advice is to start cheaper - find a point where you're happy with a set that's is good value vs. sound quality. I recommend AKG K450 for £50 or so. They are really that good.

Happy listening and do tell us what you end up with.


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