I heard a Burmester hi-fi system bring Elvis back to life, and it blew me away


May 15, 2024
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Elvis' version of Fever is often used at hifi shows, I have heard it various events several times. Recorded, April 3rd 1960, and the first track recorded at the monumental session which gave us Are You Lonesome Tonight?; It's Now of Never; Such A Night; The Girl Of My Best Friend; Reconsider Baby; Like A Baby et al, it is quite brilliantly recorded, by far the best of any Elvis session - even better than those a decade later - what RCA at the time described as 'Living Stereo'. The recording is crystal clear, showcasing Elvis' ineffable and peerless artistry, with the entire backing consisting of bass (Bob Moore) and two sets of drums (DJ Fontana and Buddy Harman). But as outstanding a performance as this is, even it is eclipsed by several other songs at the session.