I found the vinyl revival underwhelming... until I made one effective system upgrade


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Aug 13, 2010
I think the author should have read through some of the back catalogue of magazines.

The journey of upgrades and picking great components that sound awful together until you find the start of something that works together and is in your budget has been reported by so many.


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Nov 27, 2008
I never got rid of my Pink Triangle, purchased in 1985, upgraded, and serviced by Peter Swain of #Cymbiosis fame. He works more Majik on other projects than LP12's. I did an A/B comparison with the LP12 Majik at the time, the LP12 sounded pale and anemic in comparison. Interesting how Linn has copied Pink Triangle and adopted the DC motor, his design team must have had a massive disagreement with Mr T


Dec 21, 2022
I've always found the cartridge and stylus profile to make the biggest difference to SQ, but hardly mentioned here.

I agree in part with you "TreyC" - allow me to explain! Being a professional studio and touring musician for over 40 years and a recipient of a "Juno" music award I've always had a need for an excellent hi-fi system as great quality sound reproduction is now and has been a necessity in my line of work. In all that time I firmly believe that, as "Linn" used to suggest in their ads and to expand on what "Trey C" mentioned above, always start at the source of the reproduction chain. In the case of vinyl reproduction the "cartridge, arm and turntable" should get top priority i.e. the best you can afford. Today I have a Michell GyroDec SE on maglev feet with a Rega RB 3000 tonearm and a Benz Micro LPS- MR moving coil cartridge which is connected to a "Fosgate Signature" tube phono pre-amp. However - this is my current setup - my first TT some 50 years ago was one of the excellent at the time "Micro Seiki Direct Drive" turntables which I still have and is working wonderfully in my upstairs system. At that time it was fitted with the very well rated and respected Grace F9 moving magnet cartridge. The "Micro" is still giving me superb vinyl reproduction but now is fitted with a" Denon DL- S1" moving coil running into a vintage "Denon AU-320" step up device and from there into a "Graham Slee" Era V Gold phono pre-amp. I still have my original 1983 vintage Rega P3 with its RB 300 arm which I bought "new" in '83 and a P5 with the RB 700 arm - both still running great! I've never had to replace anything on them but for the belts! The moral of this story is if you can save and buy the best quality gear you can afford it'll last you for as long as you'll want it - makes very sound financial sense.

Some system background may be appropriate at this point. It's taken me roughly 45 years to acquire my current system which consists of the following:

Of course the above mentioned "Michell" deck, arm and cartridge and associated hook gear.

Magnapan 1.7's on "Mye" stands ( I've always loved Magnapans starting with my first MG-II's back in the 70's ) along with a pair of "REL" R-205 10" powered subs which add a bit of low bottom end to the 1.7's. The "REL's" integrate beautifully with Magnapans and are one of the few brands that can because of the options they offer in the ways you can integrate them with the 1.7's.

Amplification is handled by my "Audio Space" Reference 3.1 KT-88 tubed integrated amp which works great with the 1.7's

CD's are handled by my "Shanling - Export Edition" tube CD 300 with the it's digital XLR outputs running into a "Schiit Audio" Yggdrasil DAC.

It's taken me many years of listening to various components and the subsequent comparisons to finally arrive with a system that I truly enjoy everyday - it is very possible .The "in home" listening to various components was a very important key in arriving at my current system. This is possible if you're able to established a good and honest working relationship with your favourite Audio or Hi end shop. Unfortunately these specialty shops are becoming harder and harder to find as the "big box" conglomerates seem to be moving in - but - persevere - it is possible!
Good luck!


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Jul 28, 2022
I remember my Logic Turntable fondly, aligning the suspension coils with a spirit leveller was frustrating as well as rewarding.
It had a great cast in the supporting role, two mono block Class A Edison valve kit tube amps, these were bridged. The two mid tower Musical Fidelity speakers served as the mouth piece. Oh fudge, I can't remember my preamp, was it the Crimson? Yes I think it was.
I believe it was the mid eighties, Sony/Phillips gave birth to CD laser machines.
I was intrigued I had to have one. I bought my very first CD player, the iconic front loading silver bronze coloured Marantz.
In those days, they built them like tanks.
It was love at first sight, in terms of musical integrity it showed parity with the turntable, No wow and flutter and incredible stability in pitch. The Logic turntable had wonderful neutrality, extracted great detail from MC stylus, as well as the known attributes of Analog such as warmth and depth but this new charlatan was wooing me away.
So convenient, I can play out whole album without switching it over.
Roll forward the clock and now I'm an old sad....... Ah hem,
Anyway yes, I keep a massive collection of music on a PC server.
I listen to high a resolution DSD and Lossless FLAC. ( Thank you www.nativedsd.com for your excellent online catalogue, I hope What HiFi don't mind me giving you a plug)
Its nice vinyl has made a revival and this has increased choice and allows the music listener to explore the numerous audio formats that are available.
Audiophiles should never forget the fun and be too hang up with the branding.
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