I am so confused which TV to buy - Pana TH42PX70, Pana TH37PX70, Sony KDL40D3000 or Sony KDL40W2000


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Aug 10, 2019
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Someone please help me, I am so confused which TV to buy, I like the following TV’s - Panasonic TH42PX70, Panasonic TH37PX70, Sony KDL40D3000 and Sony KDL40W2000.

I will be sitting about 7-8ft away from the TV, but in my new flat I will be sitting about 8-10ft away from the TV. I currently have Homechoice (now called Tiscali TV), but I might get normal SKY TV or stick with Homechoice for the new place.

I want to know which is the best TV I should go for in my circumstances?

I am worried that I might be going for TV that is too big and the picture will look pixelated?

Also, I want it to be good at handling sports, as I can’t stand it when the football looks grainy or blurred.

I am particularly like the Sony KDL40D3000 because its has 100Mhz and the fact that empiredirect is doing a good deal on them.

But am not sure, can someone please advised me which TV I should go for?


My personal favourite is the 40D3000. Don't wait too long though as Sony will be discontinuing this model later in the year....


The Plasmas above suffer from hardly any motion blurring especially when it comes to football, as opposed to the two Sonys. Admittedly things will be better with SKYHD though whichever of the above TV's you decide on


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