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Humax PVr-9200TB?


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Aug 10, 2019
We have a Panasonic TV model no TX-25AD2DP, it is nine years old but still gives an excellent picture.

We chose this from one of your reviews at the time.

We have recently purchased a Grundig freeview box and can now get a number of digital stations.

Our problem is recording, in our ignorance we did not realise that this freeview box limits this to the channel we are tuned into.

On our previous setup with our DVD recorder and VHS recorder ( both Panasonic) we could watch one channel while recording two others.

We read with interest your comments on the HUMAX PVR-9200TB which suggests that we can record two separate channels while watching a prerecorded programme. Buying this would also reduce the number of remote controls we would have to use. Are we correct in assuming that tha Humax would not play DVDs?

If this is the case would we be better off buying a new DVD recorder with freeview built in,perhaps the Sony RDR-HXD970 or the Panasonic DMR-EZ27. ADVICE PLEASE.


I'm afraid I'm not going to answer your question, but I hope I am going to help you to answer it for yourselves... if I'm teaching you to suck eggs then please forgive and then ignore me!

Your DVD recorder and your VHS recorder have built in analgoue TV tuners just the same as does your TV. You can watch a program on your TV and record a different one on your VHS recorder because of this - your VHS recorder doesn't even need your TV to be on (e.g. when you go on holiday), it can still record programs because it can receive them by itself, just no actually display them. Essentially your TV uses its tuner to display the channel your watching while the VCR uses its tuner to record the required program.

Now your Grundig set-top box has a new type of TV tuner that receives digital pictures. None of your previous gear has this - not your telly (or you wouldn't need the Grundig), nor your VCR, nor you DVD-recorder. So none of your previous gear can receive digital pictures. They can still receive the analogue pictures they used to receive and can still record them just the same way as they always could (I hope!!!!). But they can't get digital without the help of the Grundig box because that's the only digital tuner you have.

So, if you want to record or watch a digital channel you have only one digital tuner with which to do it - the Grundig one - since it can only tune to one channel at once you can't record one digital channel and watch another. You *can* watch an digital channel and record a different analogue channel (and possibly vice-versa) however.

I can't comment on the two DVD recorders although I feel that something like that may be the way to go. Espicially if you get a twin tuner DVD-R with a built in hard drive. This would represent the best of all worlds. If they'd been the price they are now when we bought our...

I have a Humax PVR9200something and it's really rather good. Just does the job and lets you get on with the problem of deciding which of the ridiculous amount of rubbish you've recorded to actually watch. Actually quite a joy to use with a couple of foibles you sort of get used to.

However it most certainly does not play or record DVDs although it does let you connect to a computer and copy stuff onto the computer (at a painfully slow but just about tenable rate) so that you can, given enough technical nouse and the right software record it onto DVD yourself removing all the adverts in the process. I hope I've made that sound a little painful and maybe scary - because to be quite frank it's a serious pain in the neck actually doing it. I have a PC however, I imagine but can't confirm that it may be easier on a proper computer like a Mac.


[quote user="jimwall"]Especially if you get a twin tuner DVD-R with a built in hard drive. [/quote]

Ain't no such animal - yet, at any rate!

The Gnome should watch out for the EPG on the Humax, which is 7 days only: for some of us this is an issue. Others offer 14-day. And he should note that a new Humax will be out 'around Christmas time' - which may give rise to price cuts on the old one.


Thank you for your reply.

It confirms what I had suspected and explained in a clear and concise way.Thankyou again.


The Humax is a great bit of kit and has revolutionised the way I watch TV. It does have its quirks, which Humax are slowly sorting out with each new firmware release.

The twin tuners do allow you to record 2 channels and watch a prerecorded programme. Also you can record 2 channels and watch a third subject to certain restrictions.

Beware that some other twin tuner PVRs do not allow you to record 2 channels at once.

I would highly recommend it.


Thanks for your reply.We have now bought one and have been using it for about 5 days. I agree it does alter the way you watch T.V. and it is nice to have a good recording option once again.



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