Hum From Right Speaker When Turntable Selected.


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Aug 10, 2019
Recently I've been experimenting with different interconnects attached to my RPM4 but in doing this I think I've loosened the left-channel socket at the back of the turntable. The white plastic tube (insulation?) inside the socket visibly moves backward when I plus the cable in and also when the cable is in all the way you can easily move it back and forth a couple of millimetres, whereas the right one is solid. Playback is fine but I've noticed a strong hum and a light series of fast clicks coming from the right speaker which is still audible during the quiet passages of records. Bizarrely the hum seems to be affected by the type of interconnect I use. With an XLO PRO 125 it's quite loud, quieter with a 150 and seems to almost dissapper when I plug in a Chord Crimson. I assume it's something to do with the dimensions of the plugs and how they push things around inside the loose socket. Has anyone had this problem before?

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Apr 24, 2008
I can't help with your problem but if your LH TT socket is affecting your RH speaker then you must have a connection crossed over somewhere. Does this noise still persist when you play CDs.


I've checked the interconnects just in case and they're in the correct 'L' & 'R' sockets of the amp. It is strange that the hum comes from the right speaker- I nudged the left connection at the back of the turntable and a kind of static click emanated from the right speaker so it's certainly having an effect on it but how I don't know. All the internal wires of the RPM4 appear to be connected, it's only that an internal part of the left socket seems to be a bit loose (you can see it move backward slightly when you plug a cable into it) but I'm not sure how that's producing the hum. I'll probably have to get it replaced to be on the safe side.


Sep 25, 2008
You might want to make sure your (right) speaker cable and tt interconnect aren't running too close and generating interference. If they have to cross, make sure it's at 90 degrees


I've now got a buzz coming from both speakers when the turntable's selected so the looseness of the left connector must be having a varying effect, probably caused when I change cables over and disturb things internally. I was planning to get a new cartridge anyway so I'll ask the guys to have a look at it for me at the same time.

Incidentally, can anyone recommend a good replacement for the Ortofon 510 mkII that I can demo (under £100.00)? I'm particularly looking for something with more dynamic punch to it.



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