HTC Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update now available (Vodafone)



A friend says his Galaxy S2 operates even faster now that it's updated to ICS. I bought a new Galaxy Note today, looking forward to getting ICS on that beast :)


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I have just checked in the About Phone menu settings, and check for downloads...Nothing!!! I'm in Vodafone too...not happy. I have read the ICS should cure the signal strength and switching between wi fi and mobile data.....

Checked using Kies, which indicates I have the latest firmware:


whatever that is.

On the phone it telle me I have Android 2.3.5

Build number Gingerbread.BUKJ3 so clearly no ice cream sandwich!

NB just read the thread title...D'Oh mines a GS2 :oops:


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I have just read a hilarious forum debate on this, someone got carphone waerhouse to install it, even though VF have not released it yet (that much I have ascertained), and was trying to maintain that the warranty was still valid as the ROM counter wasn't affected. Cable debate is a veritable love in by comparison..

I can't get over the level of vitriol towards Samsung on some sites because people haven't got it wonder the fuel ran out this week :roll:
SteveR750 said:
bigboss said:
Have you checked "vodafone updates"? Vodafone first installed an update which made my phone ready for ICS.

Where do you do that? On the voda website or off the phone?

I have tried looking for the upgrade via Kies and via the phone, no joy...

It's on my phone, & it's simply called "updates".

Anyway, looks like Vodafone hasn't yet released the update for Samsung Galaxy S2:


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