HT cable cnnections


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Aug 10, 2019
The information I'm after has possibly been discussed in another thread so please refer me to the link or feel free to add your 10 cents. I'm new to HT so I may have some terminologies or assumptions wrong.

I've recently had a house built and pre-wired for HT/Hi Fi, poorly it seems. The electronics stack which consists of a Sky digital decoder, AV amp, 2ch amp, DVD player and CD player is situated about 4m from a plasma tv and the AV cables that are laid behind the wall linings are an HDMI and standard TV coax. There are wall connections at each location. The electrician has forgotten to lay component-component or SCART-component cable which I understand would be normally used to connect the decoder directly to the plasma. By the way, the AV amp is a Yamaha RX-V863 which I understand is the New Zeland version of the DSP-AX863SE, but with a tuner. The TV is the latest Samsung 42" 450 series HD plasma.

As it stands the 3 ways I believe I can connect the decoder to the TV are:

1. Just use the hidden coax.

2. Connect the decoder to the AV amp, then use the HDMI between the AV amp and the TV. I understand that the HDMI would only carry pictures to the TV therefore the AV amp would always have to be going to get sound to the external speaker package. I also understand that the 863 has a 1080 upscaling function which is also required to get the best picture.

3. I'm not really keen on tearing the wall lining off to bury another cable so I could use a SCART-component and make it as inconspicuous as possible, which in the end I think would just bug me.


A. I've been told that the HDMI or SCART-component cable will give a better better picture than the coax. If that is correct is the HDMI going to better, the same or worse than the SCART-component (assuming similar quality cables)?

B. Do I have any other connection options that don't mean tearing the walls to bits?

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Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
I think option 2. is what's required.

I have mine connected in a similar way. I have my Blu-Ray, BT Vision PVR, PS2 & Wii all connected to my A/V amp, and a single HDMI is run from the amp to the TV.

As your amp is doing all the sound duties, your HDMI is only required to carry the picture.

HDMI is superior to scart in every way, and as you say the amp can upscale the pictre, you're much better off running everything through the HDMI.