How would you get music to my Arcam


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Mar 9, 2010
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sorry to have to ask another question.

I have filled my i phone 4 32gig withe Apple lossless rips.

What would be the best way to play them through my Arcam AVR 500.

ATV2 or Airport Express using air play this would be cool and easy?

Arcam rdock/rlead? I think i read somewhere on WHF that they may not be compatible with i phone.

I do also have a 30 gig ipod so should i just use this with the irdock.

I quite like the idea of streaming from my phone.

I will eventually put all apple lossless onto a NAS or media centre with in built storage. Any comments?

Thanks for all of your views and help on previuos posts it really is appreciated.



One way is to get a dedicated dock but be careful when choosing one. Aside from how it connects to the Arcam very few docks connect digitally to the ithing. What I mean is they do not bypass the ithing DAC so simply feed analogue data to yout amp. Obviously an external DAC will handle the files better. I think the Pure i20 dock should do the trick, it has its own DAC and analogue and digital outputs and a remote. £75 ish. Probably best to feed the signal out from the dock via analogue and let the Pure do the digital to analogue bit


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Apr 19, 2010
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If you are just wanting to stream from you iDevice to the AVR500 then you may want to look at the rDACkw and an rWand, this will stream all files directly to the rDAC then from your iDevice. If however you want to utilise your network HDD then I would advise looking into something such as a Sonos system (ZP90) or a Squeezebox Touch would get this working for you.