How to setup a music system with Apple TV?


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Jun 9, 2009
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Ok i now have apple tv on our lounge tv and bedroom tv with all my music and films on my imac and my ipod touch has all my latest films / tv and music on so i can use whenever my imac is of e.g. last thing at night

Now i want to be able to listen to music ( background music ) either in the lounge or the bedroom but i do not want the tv on everytime i want to listen to something

Now can i use the apple tv using its optical to a dac to speakers ? though this would end up costing just as much as getting airport express by the time you added the extra cables and mini dac

Or would getting airport express for each room be the better option ?

I was planning just getting some audioengine A2 active speakers to add to the system to start with and take it from there


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Dec 28, 2007
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So you just want to be able to play music without the TV on? I'm guessing the setup currently means the Apple TV is connected to the TV via HDMI? Is this the new Apple TV2 with only HDMI and optical outputs? And you don't have an existing system in either room to connect to?

If so, the only option I can see is to either purchase a DAC and speakers for each room or purchase an Airport Express and speakers for each room. Given the improvement a decent external DAC will give you over using the internal Airport Express DAC, this would seem the better option to me, but it's up to you of course!


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