How to DIY van den hul d102


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Aug 10, 2019
Just bought a pair of van den hul d102 III (bulk)interconnect without RCA, but don't know to diy with the RCA, in factory terminated have a ground end, i don't understand to diy ,so help me please.


That made little or no sence?! Can you explain more? Am I to believe you bought interconnects without RCA plugs on each end?


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Nov 26, 2007
Hate to say this but they are almost certain to be a fake (copy) from the far East. Van den Hul do not sell D102 or any other interconnect in drums or unterminated. This decision was taken several years ago to combat the influx of inferior copies but it is impossible to completely stem the flow.

I would strongly recommend getting your money back.

Laurence Armstrong
Managing Director
Henley Designs
01235 511166


Hi there, Ive just bought two sets of these interconnects from eBay Germany for my own prized 1964 Leak Steero 20 valve system and suspect they are fake. However, there is very seriously conflicting information regarding van den Hul fakes.

1. I rang Henley Designs this morning and I am told by Henley that all van den Hul products cable is printed with the spelling 'van' den Hul with a lower case v which is of course correct. However, apart from the fact that you ( Lawrence) as Managing Director has spelled it with a Capital V in your post above, van den Hul clearly state on their own website that lower case v is fake and capital V is correct when they refer to fake mainsstream hybrids.

2. You state that van den Hul only sell prepacked terminated interconnect cables, a boardroom decision to help stem the problems of sub-standard conterfeits. However, the official van den Hul website yet again directly contradicts your statement as it clearly offers the D102 MKIII hybrid by the 100m roll.

In my case, the interconnects have a capital V and are being sold by a company called High-End Outlets on eBay. They feel and sound wrong to me.

In view of the fact that van den Hul(Holland) do not provide an email address for general enquiries, I would ask you kindly please, as Managing Director for UK distribution to clarify why it is that van den Hul claim to sell interconnects unterminated in 100m reels on their own website and could you state in no uncertain terms whatsoever, that any van den hul product with a capital V in the van is without doubt a counterfeit so that unsuspecting buyers can be armed with this when asking for their money back from sites such as fleabay.

Many thanks for your reply on this, as soon as I get a refund I will be buying a real pair from a UK distributor such as yourselves, Phil AudioZomba


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