How to control volume? Pls help a newbie =)


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi guys, I'm been searching the forums for help on this but to no avail so am posting it here in the hope of finding a solution. I'm new to vinyl and my current set up is as follows: A Rega RP1 connects to a Rega Fono Mini A2D phono preamp which connects directly to JBLL LSR2325P studio monitors. The problem I'm facing is that the only place to control volume in this set up is via the vollume controls of the studio monitors. However, even at the lowest volume setting, the sound coming out is too loud.

I understand that it is possible to put in a mixer in between the preamp and the studio monitors to act as a volume control. However is this the only solution? And if so, what is a suitable mixer given the set up I currently have? I don't want to spend too much but i also don't want to spend too little (if you know what I mean).

Thanks for all the help in advance!

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
Odd. Are you able to turn the volume down completely on the monitors (ie to zero) so you hear nothing? Does it then jump too loud as soon as you turn it up a bit?

You could go down the preamp route, but I'd be inclined first to put some attenuators between the Rega and the monitors to resuce the output from the phono preamp.


Hi john thanks fOr the speedy reply. When the volume dial on the monitors are turned to zero, there is no sound. As soon as i turn it a little, the sound is too loud!

I've gotno idea what an attenuator is. Do i just buy one off the shelf and if so, what brand, make etc. sounds like a real stupid question but that's the kind of newbie i am!

If i went down the 'preamp route' as u say, what would i need to do?


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Jun 2, 2008
Get any half decent, small, working, integrated amp with 'pre-out' connections on the back. £50 or less (or more) from ebay.

You only want it for it's volume control and source selection/range of inputs. Using the 'pre-out' connections to your active monitors will bypass the power amplifier part so you don't need a 'trendy' (ie 'more expensive') marque/brand of integrated amp. Something basic by Denon or Sony or Pioneer or whoever. It doesn't matter. In fact the least powerful and smallest models will do the job and be cheaper. (You aren't going to need the power because your speakers are already powered.)

You could get a proper, dedicated 'pre-amplifier' but, typically, these are usually the same size as integrated amps and often cost more (new or used).


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May 6, 2005

Put the following into ebay and it will show you something that will do the job.

IMG Stage line ILA100RCA Passive Stereo Volume Controller (RCA version)

Not affiliated with the seller in any way but I think this is the sort of thing you need.




hey guys, i found something which seems to do the job.

Do you think this would work? It seems to be used only for car audio though...


Yes, I think that that product will do the job, but not in a high quality way.

If you are planning to use this as your main volume control, I'd spend a bit more on a dedicated preamp or integrated with pre-outs, as suggested by Chebby. The latter may also get you remote control volume control if you find the right model.

If its just to reduce the gain, then you could use something like this to work out how much attenuation you need then invest in some high quality fixed attenuators.

Hope this helps, martin


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